Nuked Commissions

Due to schedule, slots are limited to 2, please check COMMISSION QUEUE if any slots are open.

Terms of Service

  • Customer(s) will pay in full in order for commission order(s) to be started on once the payment is received.

  • There is ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDING, all payments are final.

  • Commissions may be cancelled by customer(s) WILL NOT be branded any refunds and commission(s) will not be continued further once cancellation is made.

  • Customer(s) will be given limited previews (3 free changes) of work for approval and be allowed minor changes, if customer asks for more changes the customer will be charged depending on commission type.

  • When commission is completed, the customer(s) will be allowed to repost the artwork and share as they please through any social platforms.

  • Please be mindful I will sign ALL commissions.

Commission Prices

Only 3 changes are free after sketch,
anything past that WILL BE CHARGED.

[50% more of Total Price / per change]

Unless it's a polished piece, you will be charged per change after sketch.

Commissions are not charged by body portions.

Transparent/Abstract backgrounds are free!

[ examples of abstract backgrounds ]

Accepted Payments:

  • Paypal


  • Humans/Humanoids

  • Furries/Anthros

  • Monsters / ect.

  • Fanart

  • Gore

  • Pin Ups / Slightly Suggestive

  • Artistic Nudity

  • Ship Art

  • Mech/Armor (depends)

  • Ask me and I'll let you know

Won't Draw :(

  • Hateful/Offensive

  • Ship Art w/ Real People

  • Porn

  • Pedophilia

[click on images to enlarge]

Hard Style

$25 USD

$50 USD

$75 USD

Extra Characters:
$25 per body

Detailed Backgrounds:
$50 USD

If you're interested in other commission options, please feel free to ask and we can discuss a price.


If you DM me:
Please let me know if you're interested in commissioning me when you message or I will not respond!!!

[email protected]